Self-organization Properties of a GPCR-Binding Peptide with a Fluorinated Tail Studied by Fluorine NMR Spectroscopy

08 December 2020

ChemBioChem (2020)  

Capucine Jourdain de Muizon, Sridévi M. Ramanoudjame, Lucie Esteoulle, Claude Ling, Germain Brou, Nicolas Anton, Thierry Vandamme, Marc-André Delsuc, Dominique Bonnet and Bruno Kieffer



Conjugation of the bioactive apelin-17 peptide with a fluorocarbon chain results in self-organization of the peptide into micelles. Fluorine NMR spectroscopy studies show that the fluoropeptide‘s micelles are monodisperse, while proton NMR indicates that the peptide moiety remains largely disordered despite micellization. A very fast exchange rate is measured between the free and micellar states of the peptide which enables the number of molecules present in the micelle to be estimated as 200, in agreement with values found by dynamic light scattering measurements.