From Electronic Waste to Suzuki−Miyaura Cross‐Coupling Reaction in Water: Direct Valuation of Recycled Palladium in Catalysis

13 November 2020

V. Lacanau, F. Bonneté, P. Wagner, M. Schmitt, D. Meyer, F. Bihel, C. Contino‐Pépin, D Bourgeois

ChemSusChem (2020) DOI:



From electronic waste to Pd‐catalyzed reaction! The straightforward valuation of palladium recovered from electronic waste is reported here. Following a classical leaching stage, palladium is selectively extracted from a complex aqueous mixture of metallic cations into an organic phase. Afterwards, the judicious choice of a surfactant enables stabilization of palladium during back extraction cycles, and the direct preparation of an aqueous micellar solution, which can be employed in a model Suzuki−Miyaura cross‐coupling reaction. Clean phase separation is observed, and distribution of all components between organic and aqueous phases is mastered. The proposed process avoids several waste generating steps dedicated to palladium isolation and ultimate purification, as well as the preparation of palladium pre‐catalyst. This novel approach enables a better use of both natural resources and industrial wastes, through new cycles in circular economy.