Publications avant 2011


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    Synthesis and biological activity of exotic polycycles such as cyclooctatrienes and fenestranes


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    2009, 131, 13387

    Understanding the Torquoselectivity in 8p-Electrocyclic Cascade Reactions: Synthesis of Fenestrenes versus Cyclooctatrienes


  • C. Hulot, G. Blond, J. Suffert
    J. Am. Chem. Soc.
     2008, 130, 6046
    p-6p-[O2-oxi]-Cyclization Cascade: a Unique Synthesis of New [] Fenestradienes and [] Fenestrenes
    Article Highlighté in C&EN
    2008, 86, 26. Science and Technology concentrates "Fenestrane in a Snap"

  • G. Blond, C. Bour, B. Salem, J. Suffert
    Org. Letters. 2008
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    A New Pd-catalyzed Cascade Reaction to the Synthesis of Exotic and Aromatic Polycycles


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    4-Exo-dig Cyclocarbopalladation: A Straightforward Synthesis of Cyclobutane diols from Acyclic g-Bromopropargylicdiols under Microwaves Irradiation

  • C. Bour, G. Blond, B. Salem, J. Suffert
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    4-exo-dig and 5-exo-dig Cyclocarbopalladation: an E
    xpeditious Solution toward Molecular Complexity?


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    Cyclocarbopalladation: Sequential Cyclization and CH Activation/Stille Cross-Coupling in the Pd-5-Exo-Dig Reaction                       

  • A. Mota, A. Dedieu, C. Bour , J. Suffert
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    Cyclocarbopalladation Reactions Involving an Unusual 1,5-Palladium Vinyl to Aryl Shift as Termination Step: Theoretical Study of the Mechanism


  • B. Salem, P. Klotz, J. Suffert
    (Feature Article, sur invitation), 2004, 2, 298
    Cascade Cyclization via a 4-exo-dig Cyclocarbopalladation for an Easy Access to New Polycyclic Structures

  • B. Salem, J. Suffert
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    4-Exo-dig Cyclocarbopalladation/8
    p-Electrocyclization Cascade: an Expeditious Access to the Tricyclic Core Strutures of Ophiobolins and Aleurodiscal


  • B. Salem, P. Klotz, J. Suffert
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    Cyclocarbopalladation: Formation of Bicyclic1,2
    Cyclobutanediols through a Rare 4-exo-dig Cyclization

  • B. Salem, E. Delort,  P. Klotz, J. Suffert
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    Cyclocarbopalladation: 5-exo-dig Cyclization Versus Direct Stille Cross Coupling Reaction. The Influence of the a,b-Propargylic Substitution

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    Bipyridine and Terpyridine Based Ruthenium Metallosynthons for Grafting of Multiple Pyrene Auxiliaries


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    In Situ Generation of 1-Propyne: a Useful Introduction of 1-Propyne on Unsaturated Halogenated Compounds through the Sonogashira Reaction

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    Palladium Assisted Substitution of 3-Benzo[b]furan Triflates

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    Cascade Cyclization : an Easy Access to Highly Unsaturated Polycyclic Ring System trrough a New Tandem Stille/[4+2] Reaction under Mild Conditions


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    Synthesis of constrained arylpiperidines using intramolecular Heck or radical reactions

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    Cascade Cyclization: Carbopalladative Cyclization Followed by Electrocyclic Closure as a Route to Complex Polycycles     


  • J. Suffert, S. Raeppel, F. Raeppel, B. Didier
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    Straightforward Acces to [6]Metacyclophene-based Enynes by an Inter-intramolecular Tandem Etherification through a One-Pot Double SNAr Reaction