Metal-induced Organic Synthesis and Heterochemistry (SOMHet)

Team Leader : Dr Mihaela Gulea


 Organic chemistry and catalysis devoted to the development of innovative bioactive molecules.

Our team aim is to explore and provide new synthetic tools for the manufacturing of biomolecules.

Our areas of interest include diastereoselectives reactions, multicomponante reactions, heterocyclic chemistry, palladium chemistry, cascade/domino reactions, synthesis of complexes molecules, enediynes, anticancer agents.

In addition, the University of Strasbourg is offering an unique and stimulating environment as it ranks 16th in the world for chemistry (ARWU Ranking).

Our group is one of the teams constituting the International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry (ICFRC). In 2007, the French Government selected Strasbourg as the Center of Excellence in Chemistry for the country. ICFRC involves 80 teams in different institutes in Strasbourg comprising about 250 scientists and faculty members, 250 PhD students and 250 post-docs and technical staff.

Scientific Interests

  • Development of metal-catalyzed transformations

  • Cascade/domino reactions

  • Multicomponant reactions

  • Hydroformylation

  • Hetero-chemistry (N, S, P)

  • Asymmetric synthesis

  • Natural-product chemistry


Pr Vincent Gandon - Orsay - Paris-Sud (France)

Pr Peter Schreiner - Universität Giessen (Germany)

Dr Martial Ruat - Institut de neurobiologie Alfred Fessard (INAF) - Gif/Yvette (France)

Dr Nenad Filipovic and Dr Tamara Todorovic - University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Dr José Padrón Universidad de La Laguna (Spain)

Pr Isabelle Chataigner - Université de Rouen (France)