How to join us?

PhD Position

We have the possibility to welcome two PhD students from October 2017, working on two subjects belonging to a common research topic.


Subject 1: Development of gold-catalyzed reaction for the synthesis of unprecedented heterocyclic molecules

Supervision: Dr. Gaëlle Blond and Dr. Jean Suffert


Subject 2: Metal-mediated synthesis of novel thiacyclic scaffolds for therapeutic applications

Supervision: Dr. Mihaela Gulea and Dr. Morgan Donnard


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Postdoc fellowships

We usually advertise our available positions on this website. However in case you desire to apply for a fellowship or if you have already your own funding, you are invited to contact directly Dr. Jean Suffert.

Potential sources of funding :
Marie Curie postodoctoral fellowship (european)
DAADDFG (German fellowships)
French embassy in your country (ex: Germany, Israël, Canada, etc...)
ANR (for French people coming back to France)

PhD studentships

We usually advertise available PhD positions on this opportunities webpage as well as dedicated websites like Intelliagence (

Candidates are expected to have a Master degree (or equivalent) in organic chemistry or biochemistry with good marks and ranking. If you would like to apply for a PhD place you are welcome to make initial contact with Dr. Jean Suffert in april of the year you intend to join the group, sending a cv and marks of Master exams (or equivalent).

Master Students

Master students (M1 or M2) are invited to apply directly to Dr. Jean Suffert in order to determine possibilities to join our research group.

Pharmacy Students

Pharmacy students (5th year) are invited to get in touch at the end of their 4th year with the manager of the option entitled "initiation à la recherche"in order to determine possibilities to join our research group (at the present time the manager is Pr. Eric Marchioni at the faculty of pharmacy).

Erasmus Students

Our laboratory is open to Erasmus students from EU universities for short research placements (up to 1 year). Candidates are invited to contact directly Dr. Jean Suffert in order to discuss the possibilities our group is offering. (Erasmus Programme : Link)

In all cases, candidates must have a good experience in organic synthesis (methodology, experiment, analysis…), high motivation and excellent autonomy, organisation and creativity quality.

You can send an application letter and CV to