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The word of the Director

Didier ROGNAN, Directeur du laboratoire d'Innvation Thérapeutique, UMR7200The Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation (LIT) is located at the Faculty of Pharmacy on the Illkirch Campus and has a long standing expertise in medicinal chemistry. The LIT primarily aims at designing, synthesizing and characterizing bioactive small molecular-weight compounds.

More than ever, medicinal chemistry and/or chemical biology stands at the heart of many molecular approaches to better understand living organisms. On the one hand, high-throughput screening of commercial and public compound libraries regularly provide scientists with hits whose pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties remained to be optimized. On the other hand, recent technological developments (microfluidic devices, high-resolution imaging, photonics) need labelled compounds whose synthesis requires skills in organic chemistry associated with a sound knowledge on biochemistry and pharmacology. This expertise is the hall mark of LIT scientists.

Given the large diversity of macromolecular targets we are interested in, we do  not focus our activity towards a particular protein family or a peculiar disease area. Our expertise is applied in a pragmatic manner, within collaborative projects with biologists, and aims at discovering major breakthroughs at many different levels:Make a donation - UMR7200

  • synthesis of new molecular scaffolds;
  • targeting novel macromolecules
  • dentification of novel molecular mechanisms to manipulate disease phenotypes.

Valorizing our discoveries remains a strong asset of the lab. The current landscape of academic research in Strasbourg (SATT Conectus Transfer Technology Office, MEDALIS Drug Discovery Center) is particularly well suited to fuel many of our drug discovery programs.

Whoever you are (student, post-doctoral fellow, young scientist), we remained open to welcome new skills. Would you like to share our passion for organic chemistry and drug design, do not hesitate to contact us.

I wish you a very happy navigation on our website.