Welcome at the Medicinal Chemistry Department !

The word of the Director

Our departmMarcel Hibertent is a component of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Strasbourg (France). We belong to the French pole of Excellence in Chemistry (Frontier Research in Chemistry) and to the Laboratory of Excellence MEDALIS-Drug Discovery Center.

We currently integrate 4 laboratories showing competency in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, molecular modelling, natural substances, cell biology and molecular pharmacology.

 Our VISION is to build on shared values (pleasure, respect, solidarity, trust) an attractive and performant laboratory integrating most competencies necessary to better understand Life in its complexity and to open novel therapeutic routes.

 To explore Life or to develop new drugs, we believe that it is of prime importance to provide the scientific community with relevant, efficient and specific molecular probes. This is the very general and open frame of our research.

To improve our efficacy, we will mainly focus on an important genetic, structural and functional class of receptors: the G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The main strategies implemented are those of direct or reverse chemogenomics :

  • Start from a genomic target and try to understand its functions at the molecular, cellular and physiological levels ;
  • Start from physiological, cellular or molecular functions and try to understand the bio-molecular mechanisms involved.

Within our field of research (mainly GPCRs and associated signaling pathways) these strategies will be applied to a limited number of projects in integrating into project teams the diverse competencies present in the Department.

Our research brought us into different fields: rare diseases, neglected diseases, cancer, inflammation, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases … but also Love, pain and pleasure…

In terms of scientific and structural environment, we are strongly involved in local, national and international actions: the Pôle de Compétitivité Alsace, the Pôle of Excellence Frontier Research in Chemistry , the Chimiothèque Nationale (French Academic Compound Library), the french network of Screening Platforms,…and several french and european research programmes.

We also participated in the creation of 5 start-up companies and have many collaborations with industrial partners.

Welcome on board! 


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