Publications : 2011 et avant


  •  Identification of Nonpeptide Oxytocin Receptor Ligands by Receptor-Ligand Fingerprint Similarity Search
    Weill, N.;Valencia, C.;Gioria, S.;Villa, P.;Hibert, M. and Rognan, D.
    Molecular Informatics 2011, 30, 521-526

  • The neutralizing ligands to the onslaught of chemokines
    Hachet-Haas, M.;Bonnet, D.;Daubeuf, F.;Hibert, M.;Haiech, J.;Frossard, N. and Galzi, J. L.
    Biofutur 2011, 52-55

  • Activity of Soluble Cxcl12 Neutraligands in Vivo in a Short Model of Asthma
    Daubeuf, F.;Gasparik, V.;Hachet-Haas, M.;Rohmer, F.;Gizzi, P.;Haiech, J.;Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M.;Bonnet, D. and Frossard, N.
    Inflammation Research 2011, 60, 112-113


  • Homodimerization of the Death-Associated Protein Kinase Catalytic Domain: Development of a New Small Molecule Fluorescent Reporter
    Zimmermann, M.;Atmanene, C.;Xu, Q. Y.;Fouillen, L.;Van Dorsselaer, A.;Bonnet, D.;Marsol, C.;Hibert, M.;Sanglier-Cianferani, S.;Pigault, C.;McNamara, L. K.;Watterson, D. M.;Haiech, J. and Kilhoffer, M. C.
    Plos One
    2010, 5,

  • alpha 5 beta 1 integrin antagonists reduce chemotherapy-induced premature senescence and facilitate apoptosis in human glioblastoma cells
    Martinkova, E.;Maglott, A.;Leger, D. Y.;Bonnet, D.;Stiborova, M.;Takeda, K.;Martin, S. and Dontenwill, M.
    International Journal of Cancer 2010, 127, 1240-1248

  • The a5 beta 1 integrin is a therapeutic target for human glioblastoma and participates to chemoresistance
    Maglott, A.;Pfeiffer, I.;Leger, D. Y.;Cosset, E.;Bonnet, D.;Entz-Werle, N.;Martin, S. and Dontenwill, M.
    Ejc Supplements
    2010, 8, 55-55

  • Identification by high-throughput screening of inhibitors of Schistosoma mansoni NAD(+) catabolizing enzyme
    Kuhn, I.;Kellenberger, E.;Said-Hassane, F.;Villa, P.;Rognan, D.;Lobstein, A.;Haiech, J.;Hibert, M.;Schuber, F. and Muller-Steffner, H.
    Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2010, 18, 7900-7910

  • Identification and pharmacological properties of E339-3D6, the first nonpeptidic apelin receptor agonist
    Iturrioz, X.;Alvear-Perez, R.;De Mota, N.;Franchet, C.;Guillier, F.;Leroux, V.;Dabire, H.;Le Jouan, M.;Chabane, H.;Gerbier, R.;Bonnet, D.;Berdeaux, A.;Maigret, B.;Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M. and Llorens-Cortes, C.
    Faseb Journal 2010, 24, 1506-1517

  • Neutralizing endogenous chemokines with small molecules Principles and potential therapeutic applications
    Galzi, J. L.;Hachet-Haas, M.;Bonnet, D.;Daubeuf, F.;Lecat, S.;Hibert, M.;Haiech, J. and Frossard, N.
    Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2010, 126, 39-55

  • Subtlety of the Structure-Affinity and Structure-Efficacy Relationships around a Nonpeptide Oxytocin Receptor Agonist
    Frantz, M. C.;Rodrigo, J.;Boudier, L.;Durroux, T.;Mouillac, B. and Hibert, M.
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
    2010, 53, 1546-1562

  • The apelin receptor: from ligand discovery to physiological role
    De Mota, N.;Iturrioz, X.;Alvear, R.;Reaux, A.;Chartrel, N.;Bonnet, D.;Dabire, H.;Gerbier, R.;Berdeaux, A.;Moos, F.;Maigret, B.;Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M.;Vaudry, H. and Llorens-Cortes, C.
    Regulatory Peptides
    2010, 164, 26-26

  • Caveolin-1, TGF beta/Smad2 and Alpha5 Beta1 integrins connection in human glioblastoma
    Cosset, E. C.;Bonnet, D.;Dontenwill, M. and Martin, S.
    Ejc Supplements 2010, 8, 131-131


  • Allosteric Functional Switch of Neurokinin A-Mediated Signaling at the Neurokinin NK2 Receptor: Structural Exploration
    Valant, C.;Maillet, E.;Bourguignon, J. J.;Bucher, B.;Utard, V.;Galzi, J. L. and Hibert, M.
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
    2009, 52, 5999-6011

  • Identification by high throughput screening of small compounds inhibiting the nucleic acid destabilization activity of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein
    Shvadchak, V.;Sanglier, S.;Rocle, S.;Villa, P.;Haiech, J.;Hibert, M.;Van Dorsselaer, A.;Mely, Y. and de Rocquigny, H.
    2009, 91, 916-923

  • Identification and Characterization of E339-3d6, the First Nonpeptidic Apelin Receptor Agonist
    Perez, R. A.;Iturrioz, X.;de Mota, N.;Franchet, C.;Guillier, F.;Le Jouan, M.;Chabane, H.;Gerbier, R.;Bonnet, D.;Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M. and Cortes, C. L.
    Hypertension 2009, 54, 1177-1177

  • Biased Agonist Pharmacochaperones of the AVP V2 Receptor May Treat Congenital Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus
    Jean-Alphonse, F.;Perkovska, S.;Frantz, M. C.;Durroux, T.;Mejean, C.;Morin, D.;Loison, S.;Bonnet, D.;Hibert, M.;Mouillac, B. and Mendre, C.
    Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 2009, 20, 2190-2203

  • French/European academic compound library initiative
    Hibert, M. F.
    Drug Discovery Today
    2009, 14, 723-725

  • Limitations in a frataxin knockdown cell model for Friedreich ataxia in a high-throughput drug screen
    Calmels, N.;Seznec, H.;Villa, P.;Reutenauer, L.;Hibert, M.;Haiech, J.;Rustin, P.;Koenig, M. and Puccio, H.
    Bmc Neurology 2009, 9,

  • Identification of allosteric inhibitors blocking the hepatitis C virus polymerase NS5B in the RNA synthesis initiation step
    Betzi, S.;Eydoux, C.;Bussetta, C.;Blemont, M.;Leyssen, P.;Debarnot, C.;Ben-Rahou, M.;Haiech, J.;Hibert, M.;Gueritte, F.;Grierson, D. S.;Romette, J. L.;Guillemot, J. C.;Neyts, J.;Alvarez, K.;Morelli, X.;Dutartre, H. and Canard, B.
    Antiviral Research 2009, 84, 48-59


  • Small neutralizing molecules to inhibit actions of the chemokine CXCL12
    Hachet-Haas, M.;Balabanian, K.;Rohmer, F.;Pons, F.;Franchet, C.;Lecat, S.;Chow, K. Y. C.;Dagher, R.;Gizzi, P.;Didier, B.;Lagane, B.;Kellenberger, E.;Bonnet, D.;Baleux, F.;Haiech, J.;Parmentier, M.;Frossard, N.;Arenzana-Seisdedos, F.;Hibert, M. and Galzi, J. L.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry
    2008, 283, 23189-23199

  • Solid-phase organic tagging resins for labeling biomolecules by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition: Application to the synthesis of a fluorescent non-peptidic vasopressin receptor ligand
    Bonnet, D.;Riche, S.;Loison, S.;Dagher, R.;Frantz, M. C.;Boudier, L.;Rahmeh, R.;Mouillac, B.;Haiech, J. and Hibert, M.
    Chemistry-a European Journal 2008, 14, 6247-6254


  • Topological analysis of the complex formed between neurokinin A and the NK2 tachykinin receptor
    Zoffmann, S.;Bertrand, S.;Do, Q. T.;Bertrand, D.;Rognan, D.;Hibert, M. and Galzi, J. L.
    Journal of Neurochemistry
    2007, 101, 506-516

  • Convenient method to access new 4,4-dialkoxy- and 4,4-diaryloxy-diaza-s-indacene dyes: Synthesis and spectroscopic evaluation
    Tahtaoui, C.;Thomas, C.;Rohmer, F.;Klotz, P.;Duportail, G.;Mely, Y.;Bonnet, D. and Hibert, M.
    Journal of Organic Chemistry
    2007, 72, 269-272

  • A novel, conformation-specific allosteric inhibitor of the tachykinin NK2 receptor (NK2R) with functionally selective properties
    Maillet, E. L.;Pellegrini, N.;Valant, C.;Bucher, B.;Hibert, M.;Bourguignon, J. J. and Galzi, J. L.
    Faseb Journal
    2007, 21, 2124-2134

  • Solid-phase preparation of a pilot library derived from the 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-benzo[b]azepin-5-amine scaffold
    Boeglin, D.;Bonnet, D. and Hibert, M.
    Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry 2007, 9, 487-500


  • Use of a fluorescent polarization based high throughput assay to identify new Calmodulin ligands
    Dagher, R.;Pigault, C.;Bonnet, D.;Boeglin, D.;Pourbaix, C.;Kilhoffer, M. C.;Villa, P.;Wermuth, C. G.;Hibert, M. and Haiech, J.
    Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Cell Research 2006, 1763, 1250-1255

  • A rapid and versatile method to label receptor ligands using "click" chemistry: Validation with the muscarinic M1 antagonist pirenzepine
    Bonnet, D.;Ilien, B.;Galzi, J. L.;Riche, S.;Antheaune, C. and Hibert, M.
    Bioconjugate Chemistry 2006, 17, 1618-1623


  • On the use of nonfluorescent dye labeled ligands in FRET-based receptor binding studies
    Tahtaoui, C.;Guillier, F.;Klotz, P.;Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M. and Ilien, B.
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005, 48, 7847-7859

  • How to join a private hospital? The urgency in the discovery of candidates for medicine
    Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M.;De Mey, D. and Haiech, J.
    Biofutur 2005, 31-34

  • Effect of glycoamphiphiles on the solubilization and dendritic cell uptake of a lipopeptide: A preliminary study
    Bonnet, D.;Angyalosi, G.;Demory, A.;Santraine, V.;Boulet, A.;Spriet, C.;Heliot, L.;Gras-Masse, H. and Grandjean, C.
    Molecular Pharmaceutics 2005, 2, 420-427


  • Fluorescent pirenzepine derivatives as potential bitopic ligands of the human M1 muscarinic receptor
    Tahtaoui, C.;Parrot, I.;Klotz, P.;Guillier, F.;Galzi, J. L.;Hibert, M. and Ilien, B.
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
    2004, 47, 4300-4315

  • Efficient preparation of carbohydrate and related polyol-amphiphiles by hydrazone ligation
    Grandjean, C.;Santraine, V.;Fardel, N.;Polidori, A.;Pucci, B.;Gras-Masse, H. and Bonnet, D.
    Tetrahedron Letters
    2004, 45, 3451-3454

  • Key amino acids located within the transmembrane domains 5 and 7 account for the pharmacological specificity of the human V1b vasopressin receptor
    Derick, S.;Pena, A.;Durroux, T.;Wagnon, J.;Le Gal, C. S.;Hibert, M.;Rognan, D. and Guillon, G.
    Molecular Endocrinology 2004, 18, 2777-2789