• Single cell tracking assay reveals an opposite effect of selective small non-peptidic alpha 5 beta 1 or alpha v beta 3/beta 5 integrin antagonists in U87MG glioma cells
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  • Design of a General-Purpose European Compound Screening Library for EU-OPENSCREEN
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  • TRAF4 Is a Novel Phosphoinositide-Binding Protein Modulating Tight Junctions and Favoring Cell Migration
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  • Ligand promiscuity or protein redundancy?: Lessons from the PDB
    Kellenberger, E.;Sturm, N.;Desaphy, J. and Rognan, D.
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  • Glucose 6P Binds and Activates HlyIIR to Repress Bacillus cereus Haemolysin hlyII Gene Expression
    Guillemet, E.;Tran, S.-L.;Cadot, C.;Rognan, D.;Lereclus, D. and Ramarao, N.
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  • Exploration of the Orthosteric/Allosteric Interface in Human M1 Muscarinic Receptors by Bitopic Fluorescent Ligands
    Daval, S. B.;Kellenberger, E.;Bonnet, D.;Utard, V.;Galzi, J.-L. and Ilien, B.
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  • Telaprevir: protease inhibitor drug against hepatitis C
    Bourel-Bonnet, L. and Kellenberger, E.
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  • Use of an alpha 5 beta 1 Small Non-peptidic Antagonist to Inhibit Glioblastoma Migration Fostered by Integrin Expression
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  • Selective Fluorescent Nonpeptidic Antagonists For Vasopressin V-2 GPCR: Application To Ligand Screening and Oligomerization Assays
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  • Insights into the Mechanism of Bovine CD38/NAD+Glycohydrolase from the X-Ray Structures of Its Michaelis Complex and Covalently-Trapped Intermediates
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  • Fluorescent Derivatives of AC-42 To Probe Bitopic Orthosteric/Allosteric Binding Mechanisms on Muscarinic M1 Receptors
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  • Stereoselective functionalization of pyrrolidinone moiety towards the synthesis of salinosporamide A
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